Full Day Care 8 Hours and over between 7.15am and 6pm

0-2 years £32.50 full week £146.25
2-3 years £31.50 full week £141.75
3-5 years £30.00 full week £135.00

Morning session 7.15am – 1pm

0-2 years £21.50
2-3 years £21.00
3-5 years £20.00

Afternoon session 1pm – 6pm

0-2 years £20.50
2-3 years £20.00
3-5 years £19.00

Our fees include:
Lunch and dinner where applicable.
Toddler groups
Regular outings and activities.

There may be additional costs for occasional special outings.

What’s not included?
Nappies and wipes are not included.
Formula also needs to be provided by the parent.

Payment Information

Children in pre-school group receive 15hrs/week free during term time, we will do our very best to accommodate the hours you require, which will be deducted from your bill.  We also have funded sessions for 2 year olds.  Certain criteria applies for this which we will be happy to discuss.

If you wish to book a place for your child we do ask for a deposit, this will be taken off your first month’s fees. A deposit of £50.00 is required to secure a part time place i.e. four sessions or less. A £100.00 deposit is required for four or more sessions.

All fees should be paid on the date shown on the invoice. A weekly charge of £25.00 will be added to any late fees until paid. All weekly and monthly fees should be paid in advance not arrears. All fees are to be paid in full by the last day of the month for the following months care (i.e. in advance).

Typical costing over 12 months (for a full time under 2 child)

Full Sessions for 5 days/week: £7488
Less bank holidays (7 days) & Christmas:  £345.60

Total cost for the year: £7142.40

In addition, salary sacrifice vouchers can bring this price down to: £5282.40

(Basic (20%) Taxpayer, £55/week vouchers, max annual gain £930)

If you would like additional information on the childcare voucher scheme, please ask.

Kids club for children attending full time school is charged at a rate of £3.60/hr. If your child requires childcare during the school holidays this is also £3.60/hr or £25.00 for a full day. If you chose not to take up your child’s place during school holidays, we do not charge a retainer.

Late Collection Fees

Late collection is charged at £2 per 15 minutes. We can all run late from time to time and we will not charge for the first 15 minutes if you are late, providing this does not become a regular occurrence.

As you will appreciate we have staff and running costs to honour hence this charge.

If you are having difficulty paying a bill please speak to me as soon as possible so we can help out and avoid any charges if possible.