Our out of school club accommodates children from Metheringham Primary. We will take the children to school and collect them via a ‘walking bus’ or ‘chain gang!’. We intend to make our Kids Club homely and relaxing, just what children need after a busy day at school. We have an exclusive over 8’s room for playing games, X-box and craft activities, with smaller quiet rooms where children can relax. If you would like us to, we will also help children with their reading and homework. If your child has siblings in nursery then they can also spend time with them. The children can also spend time in other areas of the nursery if they want to. There will also be access to the garden area.


Full day care will be provided in school holidays. During the holidays we will do lots of different activities, including taking the children to the park, bowling, swimming, rides on the train, all at no extra cost to you where possible.