We are passionate about food and consider it to be essential for healthy and content children. All our food is freshly prepared from fresh ingredients by our in-house Chef Paula.

Meal times are set as close to what a child would expect at home in order to stick to the same routine. We have tried to base the food we provide on classic hearty British food, and a link to the menu of the week is on the home screen. Meals are provided free for all children when they are booked in over a meal period, so that no child is left out of the social interaction that develops when chatting at the dinner table. The staff don’t escape, they to sit with the children for a gossip.

A sample of the meals and snacks we provide below…

Breakfast 715am – 8.30am

Sample breakfast items: Cereals, Croissants, Fruit Juice, Toast, Milk

Morning snack 10am

Sample snack items: Fresh Fruit, Mini Crackers & Cheese, Peppers & Carrot Sticks

Lunch 12 noon – 12.30pm

Sample lunch items: Soup, Jacket Potatoes with Cheese & Beans, Sandwiches, Homemade Flapjack, Yoghurts

Afternoon snack 2pm

Sample snack items: Fruit Bread, Yoghurt, Gingerbread men, Crackers & Cheese

Dinner 4pm – 4.30pm

Sample dinner items: Chilli & Rice, Roast Chicken with vegetables, Fish Fingers, Homemade Rice Pudding, Beef Stew, Fruit Salad